Thursday, May 15, 2008

Post 400

Does that make me a loser?

You know the funny thing about this blog? I don't think anyone reads it. And then when I try to tell someone a story, they say, "I already know that, I read it on your blog." Some times I think that I should save all my good stories so that I can tell them to people and see their reactions. Or, you know, get to talk sometimes.

I've been meaning to blog about my commute to work with the 29/35/Paseo Bridge construction project, and I was just about to, until I found out this was my 400th post. And now I think it should be something more random and stupid than actually telling you something I've been MEANING to blog about for a few weeks.

Like... nothing. Which is what this one is about. Yay 400!

Also, I've never written so many posts in one day, so really, I think I should just continue. Because it's not like I don't have other things to be doing...

End Blog.

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