Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nikki's First Murder Trial

I testified in Jackson County court, finally, after working in the lab for slightly over two years. Although, it was in the Independence Annex, so I still have yet to testify in the Jackson County Courthouse proper. Regardless, this is my second time taking the stand, and my first murder trial.

Without going into details (maybe you'll get lucky sometime after the trial is over), here is information on the case, courtesy of the local news.

Teen's Confession: I Stabbed Her So Hard the Knife Broke
Prosecutors: Boys Planned to Kill Parents for Months
Dad Takes Stand In Grain Valley Murder Trial

The courtroom was totally packed. I imagine it was family and press, although I don't know. But, there was definitely press there. A lot of them. And a video camera. Although my testimony was rather boring, so I doubt I'll make the news. If only I would have had a really great sound bite, I might have made it. But nothing I can do is going to be more sensational than putting the grieving husband on television.

The two kids in this case are both being tried separately, as adults – so the fun news is that I get to do this trial all over again come August.

I'm glad I didn't go cruising for news stories before I testified. The 911 call and Joe Marquez's testimony were pretty difficult to hear, especially after having seen the crime scene and morgue photos at work.

I'm sure the jury has an important, yet difficult, decision to make. I'm glad I was on the other end of the witness stand.

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