Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

Today I turned 26. I also went to work for the first time on my birthday like a responsible grown-up type person. It turned out to be a beautiful day as I was driving home. 64 degrees in February. I had my windows down. When I got home I took Remy to the park across the street so she could run around like a maniac. She came back when I called her and everything. What a good dog.

Afterwards, I met Beth and Daniel to drive up to Bravo! for dinner. In the 30 minutes between the park with Remy and driving to Beth's, huge storm clouds rolled in. Apparently we were under a tornado warning. The following random, unedited video is a good snapshot of my birthday. Oh, and just FYI, that van in the video is also purple.

Good times were had by all.

Also, this is not my fixed camera. They did not call me to pick up my camera as it is apparently not fixed by the date that they said it would be fixed by. Instead, I bought my camera again. If my camera gets returned to me in the next 13 days, I can return it for a refund. Otherwise... I'll have two.

Think of all the crazy video fun, then.

Oh, and Beth made my cake for me. She's fricken awesome.

Coolest cake for a 26 year old, ever. I also made soup out of my ice cream in the middle of the Italian restaraunt we were in. I ROCK.

End Blog.


Kennedy17782 said...

*kicks the camera* I'm glad you have one that works but it bites that you haven't gotten the other back yet. Glad you had a good birthday tho!


Aunt Chris said...

Happy Birthday Nikki!!--The fact that you are 26 yrs old really distresses me. You make me feel very old. sigh