Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Kansas City's Most Prolific Serial Killer

Lorenzo Gilyard's trial is this week and I've been privilaged enough to witness about 7 hours of it first hand. He's only being charged with 7 rape/homicides, even though his DNA links him to 13 of them. 13!

I watched expert witness testimony in this case for training purposes, since I suppose some day it could be me up there. The justice system at work! It was interesting to see a cross exam and what sort of things they do to confuse the issues and make juries doubt experts. And I learned why it's awesome that the KCPCL makes identification statements regarding DNA testimony.

I hope this guy ends up in jail for the rest of his life. It still baffles me that he claims he's innocent. No one coincidentally has sex with 13 prostitues that all end up dead later. It doesn't happen. I just doesn't.

Thankfully we caught him (not that I had anything to do with this case) with the aid of federal money and new technology. I love that we're putting away bad guys 20 years later.

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