Friday, February 16, 2007

Digitally Challenged

My BRAND NEW camera is having issues. And my girls are in town. I want to take pictures. Soooo, it seems I'll be heading to Best Buy to see if I can get it replaced.

Why do I have such horrible luck with digital cameras? WHY?

It's not like I even dropped it or anything. The LCD screen just isn't working anymore. All I get is white. Which, somehow seems slightly better than black, but... still not helpful. I can't get to any of the menus and I can't see the pictures that I've taken. Although, it does still actually have a viewfinder, so I can frame pictures, which I couldn't do with my last camera when it broke.

But this shouldn't have happened within three months of getting it.

So, with luck, I'll get it replaced.

Because, sadness is a broken camera. Much like happiness is a warm gun.

End Blog.

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