Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Waiting It Out

Yes, I know that for the first time in a long time I have health insurance. And I know that I've had a somewhat persistent cough for three weeks now. But, I swear, it's finally starting to feel a little better and no… I'm not going to the doctor.

I've been told to by several people, but I really don't think that's the answer. Coughs don't just last a week like the majority of cold symptoms do, and it's the only remaining reminder that I was sick awhile back.

I read a medical study that said coughs often last three weeks - and often last a month. They also showed that antibiotics really didn't help speed up the recovery process. Antibiotics don't treat coughs. And therefore, there is nothing a doctor could do for me right now.

Even if I did go and they prescribed antibiotics, I wouldn't want to take them. I know how over prescribed they are and the whole theory about bacteria becoming resistant to them. I have a hard time with anyone getting antibiotics for colds. Even bronchitis. It doesn't do anything for you. Pneumonia, on the other hand, okay. You can have the medicine. It will actually help you. I don't have pneumonia.

So, the plan is to continue waiting. The cough is still kinda there but not nearly as bad. And studies show that it's highly likely I should still have it even after all this time. It's just that it's getting quite annoying. And I like to complain. A lot.

Complain, complain. *cough*

End Blog.

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