Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Job

So, remember how I went to crime scene school so I could be put on this special list that lets me go out and actually work crime scenes? Yeah, well, I hit the top of the list today and was called out to the police garage to process a car that was towed there.

Woo! My very first "crime scene".

Exciting. I love my job. Have I mentioned that recently?

(Shhh, we're currently ignoring all the newfound paperwork I have to do involving the grant I've started working on and how I have to give all my cases away. People should really just give us money to solve crimes and trust that we're doing our jobs. Putting restrictions on what you can do kinda sucks a bit. I'm still slightly bitter about my co-worker quitting, although everyone else at the lab has been super nice and highly supportive. I suppose I'm not a very good person. But, You, Dear Reader, knowing me so well, probably already knew that.)


End Blog.

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