Thursday, June 24, 2010

Overestimated Maturity

River Monster did not grow up. She had a few shining moments followed by a path of destruction. Today she managed to get to three different areas in the living room and cause a bunch of damage. The DVDs and books, her favorites - and a new addition, she's now getting behind my desk and desamating much more important things, like my beloved charcoal pencils (I know, I haven't actually drawn anything ages) and some pictures (goodbye picture of my AP chemistry class (I'm SUCH a geek)). She also moved some tax forms... although she didn't manage to eat them.

Funny thing is, I thought I had barricaded off the section of the room behind my desk. Not well enough though. She actually pulled the electric plugs out of the wall in her efforts to squeeze by and actually unplugged the power strip leading to my computer and lights... and maybe even Carolyn's laptop. (I don't need a lecture on the dangers of fire and how many things you can plug into an outlet, okay?) This forced an improper shutdown of the new computer. Oops. I'm sorry, new computer.


I really wanted to trust her and have her be a grown up. She's obviously not ready and will be in that muzzle for the foreseeable future, no matter how sad she appears when it's presented to her. If she doesn't shape up, it will be on her for the rest of her life. DO YOU HEAR ME, DOG!?

Maybe she's an adolescent, not a grown up. I guess we could revisit this topic again in another 6 months. I know she CAN be good... I've seen her do it before. I just don't want to have more stuff destroyed in another 6 months... maybe more like 8 months, after I get home from Hawaii...

Once again... SIGH.

End Blog.

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Zana said...

sigh - I know how that is. My dogs are mostly reliable, but some days we come home to destruction comparable to that caused by a crazy frat party. Sounds like River is having to carry the "crazy party" at your house, since Remy is to perfect to partake. Which is good, because my two imperfect dogs got Ladybug (our version of Remy) to participate in their craziness a couple of times....