Friday, June 11, 2010

I Gots a New 'Puter

I bought a new computer. Because I wanted one.

You know how EVERYONE says that Windows 7 is so completely AWESOME? They're lying. Windows 7 tells me that I don't have permission to do, like, ANYTHING that I think I should be able to do.

Look, I know it's a really important host file, but I want to change it. You should let me. If my computer stops working, I've backed it up. LET ME CHANGE STUFF! I realize this operating system was made for the computer ignorant or technologically unsavvy masses, but come on... how the hell do I change these security settings? (Hello pot, my name is kettle.)

If I want to run a program that I think is completely safe, you should let me, even if you think that it's probably a trojan or virus or something. Yes, thank you for the warning, but really, if I'm going to be stupid enough to ignore it, you should let me. And if I get a virus, it's clearly my own damn fault. Once again, I have backed up my computer...


Regardless of the operating system, everything else is really pretty. And it runs so fast when you compare it to my old machine.

I've gotten most of the really important things back. Just a few I'm having trouble with... one of them being my router program. It's not NEEDED, but I really liked how I could see everyone using my network in case there was someone using it who shouldn't. It was pretty and user friendly. And I can't figure out how I had it in the first place.

The only other programs I really miss are all the photo editing and graphic ones. And all my old emails.

Other than that... Pretty.

Really really pretty.

End blog.

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