Friday, June 25, 2010

River in a Hat

I haven't tortured Remy in like, a year. Anyway, a long time... and River is always so spastic you can't put a hat on her head... right? Well, normally, right. BUT, River has this amazing quality that when she's tired, you can do absolutely anything to her and she just won't fight it.

For example:

She likes the right side of the couch. She always lays there. I like the right side of the couch, too. And unlike Carolyn, I will move the dog so that I can sit where I want to. So I moved her and pulled her back into my lap and she pretty much slept there. Then I got this great idea... I just bought my floatin' hat for the 4th of July float trip... and it's on my head... and River's head is RIGHT THERE...

Carolyn snapped the picture on her phone. It's awesome. She pretty much just let it happen. Expect more ridiculous sleepy River pictures in the future.

End Blog.

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