Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Thankfully, She Loves Me Anyway

Remember when Remy got dressed up in Royals gear? Or when she was put in a hat? (I know, you're asking, "Which time?" right now.) It seems that many of the times the shenanigans of torturing Remy occur, Brenda is around. This past weekend was no exception. This time we decided that Remy should join in on the mustache fun.

She was not pleased... can you imagine? But she did get a lot of treats for her trouble. Here are the fruits of our labor! (You can see Dany in the background of some of these photos. As you can tell, she had nothing to do with this.)

I can't tell you how much I love this dog. I'm sure Caesar Milan would totally disapprove.

End Blog.


Betty said...

Sometimes I wish I had a pet, just so I could do terrible, embarassing things to them. :-) At least I get to watch you instead.

Your dogs are so awesome. :-)

B Fuhr said...

The laughter that we got from doing this to Rem was about as good as looking at the pictures again. I love that she lets us torture her all for pictures.