Thursday, June 18, 2009


Beetles, beware! River has a new favorite thing - eating those of you that fly into the house at night. At first she would play with them for awhile before eating them, now she just sits down and has a snack... unless it's a remarkably big beetle. Then she plays with it forever, throws it at me and scares me half to death, and then only eats parts of it, forcing me to clean up after her.

Lucky for you, I got the best part of that story on video. Watch:

You'd have screamed too. It was a big, scary beetle. It doesn't matter that my six month old puppy wasn't afraid of it. That's not the point!

End Blog.


Anonymous said...

oh, that is SOOOO FUNNY!!!! My dogs love June Bugs too... damn crunchy nasty things... (because I think that if I say things like that, it makes me less wimpy for screaming when they fly at my face!)

-Krisana, w/ bug eating carnivores Ladybug, Joe, and Natasha

Bren said...

I just kept waiting for her to throw it on you. She's SO big! You don't see a puppy for a couple weeks and they just get huge on you.