Saturday, June 13, 2009

What is this Factor, Exactly?

How does anyone watch Bill O'Reilly? I mean, honestly, I can't even understand how anyone, even those who actually have similar beliefs, can manage to watch his show. I don't think that he has a normal speaking tone. He's always yelling about something ridiculous and it always seems like he is defensive, never lets his guest speak - instead they have to try to scream over him to even try to answer his questions, and then he goes about contradicting himself from one sentence to the next, so that he doesn't even make any sense.

If this is what he is like in real life, I can't imagine he has any friends. Who would keep a friend who never lets them express opinions or have a normal, casual conversation? Must he say exactly what he thinks immediately for fear that it will fall out of his head?

I can't watch him. Every single time I try to, I can feel my blood pressure spike. And I'm sure that it's not just because of his content (although I rarely, if ever agree). It's because he just seems mean. Not only that, but I don't understand why anyone would agree to appear on his show.

People in the "left" media blame O'Reilly for Dr. Tiller's murder because he kept calling him a "baby killer" on the air. I don't necessarily blame that specific action on Tiller's death. No, I'm sure that anyone who regularly watches The O'Reilly Factor would simply go insane. That's what happened to Scott Roeder. If I were him, I'd use that as my defense in court and to prove it, I'd have the jury watch a few hours of that show.

I'm sure they'll let him go under the condition that he never has access to a television again.

Which leads me to a really great segue. Why in the world is FoxNews or MSNBC on televisions in public places like the dentist office or the airport? Everyone knows that we don't get unbiased news anymore. And since this country feels so divided, why would these be the things piped into waiting areas filled with people that have different views on life?

Wouldn't it be nicer to just put on the discovery channel or the food network? We don't need this sort of stress in our lives. (Okay, for truths, I would really like a "fair and balanced" news station. Remind me again why we don't have one.)

It's amazing that O'Reilly hasn't keeled over from a heart attack on the air yet. I thought about embedding a clip of his show to prove my point, but I can't even bring myself to spread his rhetoric. I'm sure you understand what I'm talking about without it.

End Blog.

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Betty said...

Sooo true! I don't know how many times I've seen public places have Fox News on television. WTF? When you are worried about a doctor/dentist/nose job appointment, do you really need to be stressed out even more by all the crap that's happening in the world?? I say put on Cartoon Network or old Buffy reruns or even just "relaxation" shows with pretty music and pictures of waterfalls.

The entire country needs to take a major "chill pill." And yes, I just used the phrase "chill pill."