Monday, February 04, 2008

Missouri Bellwether

So, I learned an interesting thing now that I'm living in Missouri: They have voted for the president who won the office every year since 1904, except in 1956. They call Missouri the Bellwether for the nation because it has a 96% accuracy in voting for the next president.

I have hope that the state will go democratic this year, as it did in the 2006 Senate race when Claire McCaskill won. It was a really close race and we stayed up watching CNN and FOXNews probably too late to be completely functional at work the next day.

But, tomorrow, it's just the primaries, so we shall see how that goes. I'll be voting after work. And this year, if the bellwether is off, we can blame me moving here! Lord knows my vote did nothing in Virginia. At least I'll feel like I'm making a difference in Missouri.

End Blog.

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