Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I'm dogsitting for a coworker friend of mine. I have two of her three dogs here because I guess she felt like she couldn't pawn all three of them off on me at the same time. It's a good thing. I already think that three dogs in my house is a few too many. But that's mostly because I still haven't gotten that pesky back yard all fenced in.

I guess that doesn't really sound fair. Two of the dogs are very good. One of those two dogs is mine. And the third? Well, she's only six months old, so she has an excuse for her absolute craziness.

Yep. That's the back of the couch. I swear, she thinks she's a cat.

I caught her standing on top of my end table, too, but didn't take a picture of it before yelling at her to get down. The yelling seemed more important at the time, although now I wish I had that picture.

I'm sure she's going to get into all sorts of other shenanigans while she's here. Remy's already trying to get her to play, but she's still a bit intimidated by her size. I'm sure that won't last too long, though.

Also, she tried to kill elephant by shaking him to death. It was quite hilarious. Little dogs are SO different from the kind I'm used to.

Let's hope elephant survives.

End Blog.


Brenda said...


CJ said...

ELEPHANT HAD GOSH DARN BETTER WELL SURVIVE! He's Rem's favorite and he's already lost his squeaker because of the other doggie. *sniff*

Nikki said...

Don't worry. She's playing with old elephant. New elephant still has his little squeaker intact.

She found two rocks on the floor tonight. I know I'm not the most amazingly clean person, but... rocks! I'm not even sure where she's finding them. She just doesn't sit still. Ever.

Have I mentioned recently how much I love Remy, the laid back wonder dog?