Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

Today I turned 26. I also went to work for the first time on my birthday like a responsible grown-up type person. It turned out to be a beautiful day as I was driving home. 64 degrees in February. I had my windows down. When I got home I took Remy to the park across the street so she could run around like a maniac. She came back when I called her and everything. What a good dog.

Afterwards, I met Beth and Daniel to drive up to Bravo! for dinner. In the 30 minutes between the park with Remy and driving to Beth's, huge storm clouds rolled in. Apparently we were under a tornado warning. The following random, unedited video is a good snapshot of my birthday. Oh, and just FYI, that van in the video is also purple.

Good times were had by all.

Also, this is not my fixed camera. They did not call me to pick up my camera as it is apparently not fixed by the date that they said it would be fixed by. Instead, I bought my camera again. If my camera gets returned to me in the next 13 days, I can return it for a refund. Otherwise... I'll have two.

Think of all the crazy video fun, then.

Oh, and Beth made my cake for me. She's fricken awesome.

Coolest cake for a 26 year old, ever. I also made soup out of my ice cream in the middle of the Italian restaraunt we were in. I ROCK.

End Blog.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Flying High

I took a ride in the police helicopter today!

My job Rocks.


End Blog.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Manufacturer's Warranty

My camera had to be shipped back to Cannon. For fixing. Because Best Buy wouldn't replace the camera or fix it themselves.

Le sigh.

It should be done and ready for pick up on my birthday, but that was not specifically guaranteed.

Nikki is not happy. Nikki was also very annoyed at the Geek Squad and probably treated the helpful man poorly, even though it wasn't his fault. Oops.

I think the Geek Squad probably gets a lot of people taking frustrations out on them.

Sometimes technology is sucky. Boo.

End Blog.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Digitally Challenged

My BRAND NEW camera is having issues. And my girls are in town. I want to take pictures. Soooo, it seems I'll be heading to Best Buy to see if I can get it replaced.

Why do I have such horrible luck with digital cameras? WHY?

It's not like I even dropped it or anything. The LCD screen just isn't working anymore. All I get is white. Which, somehow seems slightly better than black, but... still not helpful. I can't get to any of the menus and I can't see the pictures that I've taken. Although, it does still actually have a viewfinder, so I can frame pictures, which I couldn't do with my last camera when it broke.

But this shouldn't have happened within three months of getting it.

So, with luck, I'll get it replaced.

Because, sadness is a broken camera. Much like happiness is a warm gun.

End Blog.

Monday, February 05, 2007

The Ultimate Bowl Game

For a long time I've been talking about how I don't think the Superbowl should be played by the two best teams in the leagues, but rather, by matching up mascots to play each other. This remains somewhat difficult if I'm restricted to stay within leagues (conferences?), but I've finally sat down and tried to figure out the best match ups that we should have the privilege of watching in Superbowl format.

Evenly matched mascots, taking on one another. This is what America really wants. Trust me. I have my finger on the pulse of America.

For example:
Titans v. Giants
Jaguars v. Panthers
Jaguars v. Lions
Ravens v. Cardinals
Ravens v. Eagles
Ravens v. Falcons
Ravens v. Seahawks
Raiders v. Buccaneers
Raiders v. Vikings
Chiefs v. Cowboys
Chiefs v. Redskins
Chiefs v. 49ers (they pushed lots of natives off of their land)
Bengals v. Lions
Texans v. 49ers (you know Texas and California really want to fight each other anyway)

Regular season games would include the following (in all combinations for multiple listings):
Colts v. Broncos v. Chargers
Falcons v. Eagles v. Cardinals v. Seahawks
Patriots v. Texans
Cowboys v. Redskins v. 49ers
Vikings v. Buccaneers
Panthers v. Lions

Some other interesting match ups may be as follows:
Texans v. Saints
Steelers v. Jets
Dolphins v. Seahawks

But really, we should get serious about this. There are several teams that don't have fair mascot rivals. So, I propose, we either eliminate these teams and vote them out of football, or create proper opposing adversaries for them.

Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins
Pittsburg Steelers
New York Jets
Chicago Bears
St. Louis Rams
New Orleans Saints

So, we need another very large grazing animal (unless we pair the Bills with the Redskins or Chiefs, but that doesn't seem like a very fair fight - or, alternatively, the same grazing animal, we can just name the team the Bison), another water dwelling creature (I suggest a shark), we should bring back the Oilers, get another mechanical flying machine mascot (missiles, rockets?), have another type of bear – like the Grizzlies, another small grazing animal ( like sheep or maybe a team named Aires), and a get team named the Angels and we'll be all set.

The following teams I think we should get rid of entirely:
Cleveland Browns
Green Bay Packers

These mascots were named after a guy and a sponsor, respectively. They have dumb mascots. I object.

Or, they can only play each other in the "Dumb Mascot Bowl". Because they suck.

And so, this is how it should be from now on. Then we won't have ridiculous things happening like baby horses beating the shit out of gigantic bears at the end of football season. This makes so much more sense when you think about it practically.

I am an evil genius who will revolutionize the world. Follow me.

End Blog.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


I took an online IQ test tonight and scored a 138.

There was lots of other information they gave me about myself, but mostly it confirmed one of my major theories in life. 90% of the world is dumber than I am.

"For each scale, we determined how many people received scores above and below yours. Your "percentile" represents what percentage of people scored lower than you. In other words, 90th percentile means you scored higher than 80 to 90% of people did.

How are the percentiles determined? These percentiles were determined based on the one million users who have already taken our test. We then adjusted these percentiles based on a nationally representative IQ distribution to make sure that no level of intelligence was over- or underrepresented in the analysis. Thus, the percentiles we present reflect your score compared with people in the United States in general."

That's right folks. I be S-M-R-T.

I got three questions wrong. Two of them were totally legit. One I didn't know how to do the math, one I decided I didn't want to try to do the math in my head and guessed, and the third I was just really stupid on.

The question asked which didn't belong and pictured graphically a square, a circle, a tall rectangle, a long rectangle, and an octagon. The correct answer is obviously a circle because it doesn't have corners/sides. However, I picked the octagon because the other four were common geometric shapes and I deemed the octogon less common. Plus, it had a bajillion sides and looked wrong, like it didn't belong. Whoops.

So, at least we know I'm a natural blonde. =)

Still though, the world would be better with more smart people in it, though I fear if that happened, I'd be out of a job. Just like Leno, I gotta love the stupid criminal.

End Blog.