Saturday, October 06, 2007

Payoff and Ripoff: The Offs of Life

The million insurance quotes I got totally paid off. I know this because I talked to my mortgage broker and she was like, "I see that you don't have a deductible listed for wind and hail here on your insurance and seeing as how you'll be in Kansas, I really want you to make sure that you have coverage because this is different than tornadoes."

First off, I'm not living in Kansas, but she works in Kansas, so I'll forgive her. Secondly, I don't have a deductible listed because it's the same $1,000 as my normal deductible, which is why it wasn't listed. Thirdly, don't be hatin' on me just because you saw how fabulous my yearly rate was. I did my research, woman.

"Three hundred and ninety dollars... I mean, WOW."

Yeah. Maybe you should suggest that people get more than just three quotes.

Although, there is a down side. Because of all the phone calls required for the quotes and the fact that I only have a cell phone and all the calls were made during business hours to non-verizon cell phones or business phones... I went over my allotted 450 minutes a month for the first time, ever. By 83 minutes... at 45 cents a minute. So I might as well be paying $430 on my home insurance this year.

Bastards! The very sad part about it is when I renew my phone plan (which will be happening any day now as they called and told me I was eligible for my 2 year phone upgrade) they'll increase my minutes to 550 a month for the same price. So close...

So, in summation, my insurance is good and the rate rocks and cell phones are pretty dumb (but in the long run better than paying for a house line I'd never use).

Get Met. It Pays.

End Blog.

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