Saturday, October 06, 2007

Home is Where Your Internet Bill is Addressed

My house appraised for what I bought it for! Yay.

There is still much packing to do before moving day, but I wanted to share good news because I don't do it often. Therefore, I won't go into the other headaches of buying a house from these people... but they are kinda annoying. Let's just say I'm not too concerned with people stealing stuff, and if I am, I actually tell the police about it.

The final walk through is on the evening of the 18th, closing is at 10am on the 19th, and the cable installation people will be out between 2 and 5pm on the 19th... (This is very reminiscent of the move to Kansas City from DC, as I'm sure Mom will remember this conversation we had over IM):

Nikki: I made an appt. for the cable/internet dude to come hook me up on the morning of the 27th.
Mom: Monday? or Tues? I don't have a calendar.
Nikki: Monday
Mom: LOL
Mom: You cannot go more than 3 days without internet?
Nikki: I can give it up anytime I want.

FYI, I moved in on the 26th of February and had to drive for three days to get here. This time, I'm moving into a house that will already be wired and hooked up. I could still quit if I wanted to.

I haven't switched any of the other utilities yet. I know where my priorities are.

End Blog.

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