Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Good Year Blimp is Following Me

I've seen the Good Year Blimp repeatedly floating around Kansas City. It's creepy how it just kind of hangs there in the sky, and I am convinced that it is following me. And that it has stealth mode.

Today I managed to get a picture of it with my new handy-dandy cell phone. But since it's a cell camera, the picture quality isn't all that great, so I highlighted the portion of the picture that is the Good Year Blimp. (I had to drive around a lot to get to a place where I could actually take this picture.)

Now, I realize all of this sounds crazy, and the picture is grainy and could be anything. And if I was super awesome, I'd be trying to tell you all that it's a UFO and Aliens are after me... but they're not. The Good Year Blimp pilot is just stalking me.

I tried to go inside and grab my 8 mega pixel camera, but by then he was onto the fact that I'd spotted him and he musta... you know... high tailed it outta here with his super speedy blimpyness. Or turned on the stealth mode. Either way, I couldn't find it, even when I walked up on the highest hill around. (Which, wow, I need to exercise more. I was totally winded.)

How many Good Year Blimps do you think there are? What could he possible want from me? Or she. Maybe the blimp pilot is a girl. Whatever. They've been tooling around KC for at least three weeks. (No lie. They've been here since the end of September.)

And I have the best picture, ever, to prove it! I gotta tell ya, I love how it looks just like every UFO picture, ever. Maybe aliens stole the blimp.

End Blog.

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