Sunday, January 09, 2005

Drinking Quotes

Fun, fun weekend with my college girls. I miss PA, I miss knowing where things are and where the roads go, and I miss my girls. Badly.

Oh, and I broke my phone face plate, again. Stupid hard ground and the whole missing my pocket thing.

Quotes from January 7-9, 2005.
Annville, PA. The Styer Residence: Keep in mind most of these quotes occured during the Dice Game after a few rules had been established. You know, the good rules like - No Swearing, No using names or nicknames, No saying numbers, No using words that start with T, No using the word hate, No pointing, No touching the table, and worse... No asking questions... the penalty for rule breaking? Drinking.

Way to go, Domestic Man. ~Nik

That’s so Methodist. ~Erin

I can drink tonight, I’m not on any medication. ~Kristin

I didn’t know that. ~J
He was your boyfriend for a while, why not? ~Nik
Obviously we didn’t talk. ~J (About Andy)

Evil Bitch! ~Nik
I think that’s a nickname. ~Erin

Would you like to open? ~Andy
Ohhh! Even with a poppy thing! ~Nik

My hands are tingly. ~Nik
My whole head is numb. ~J

Is nothing a number? ~Nik
It’s a place holder. ~J
I got a place holder. ~Kristin

If I could curse, you’d be so ashamed. ~Nik

No R Rule! ~Andy

You’re a smurf! ~J

And you need to partake also because I saw the finger. ~Andy

S-P-L-E. ~Andy

Did you call him a kitchen? ~J

Nobody drinks in New Jersey. ~J
I’m sure there are. ~Andy

Don’t let me fall me. ~Nik

That’s my boob. ~Erin
No, that’s your side. ~Nik
That’s the side of my boob. ~Erin
*moves hand, pokes again*
That’s your side. ~Nik

How do they make an island bigger? ~Erin

What is she doing, getting a picture of his ass? *turns page* Yes. ~Erin

Hey, that’s from ago. ~Erin

She likes my ass. ~Andy (from the other room)

Who is that woman? She’s clearly naked. ~Nik
No, she’s wearing shorts. ~Erin
Khakis? ~Nik
Who is this? ~Erin *points, asking Kristin*
That’s a guy! ~Kristin

Look! I have boobs! ~Erin
You both do, my dress is all saggy. ~Nik

Well, I have no boobs, what’s your problem? Luckily the flowers are hiding that fact. ~Nik

Maybe if you drew them in with the cleavage… I’d pay attention to your personality sooner or later. ~Nik

Honey, would you like a straw? Because… wow, that’s impressive. ~Nik

But I technically hate my crutches and they can go to hell. ~Kristin

Not many people have garnished my backseat. ~Erin

Why are you rolling your eyes at me? ~Nik
That’s what I do. ~J

There’s nothing in Lancaster except one way streets and confusion. ~E

Wow, I don’t think those four screws were enough. What am I missing out on? …Don’t you wanna see how it works? Because, that’s a shame, really. …This might be easier with my glasses on. ~Nik

I’m really hot, I should take this shirt off. But let me take these 10 drinks first. ~Nik

Healthy alcohol? Then what’s this then? The Alcohol of Doom? ~Nik

That’s a whole in one! ~Erin (about the die in Nikki’s mouth)

Plus fuck. ~Kristin
How do you drink fuck? ~Nik

Did it come out? I have to drink. ~Erin

CALL HIM BACK! Call him back. I’m going to be sober. ~Nik

I’m just reminding everyone of the bean dip in the fridge. ~Kristin

You sip. ~Kristin
But you don’t get drunk that way. ~Erin

But at least you get to curse twice. ~Nik
And you get to say comma. ~J

I’m reminding everyone there’s bean dip! ~Kristin

*Whispers in Erin’s ear* Why? Don’t tell anyone. ~Nik

What, you think I’m not tall enough? ~Nik
No, not stable enough. ~Andy (about Nikki getting out shot glasses)

I think she’s probably the only one who could vomit on me and I wouldn’t care. ~Nik (about J)

So… SO… SO tasty. ~Nik

If we have to call 911... ~Kristin
I know the number! ~Nik

Must… pee… soon. ~Nik

Aww… wish… curse… awww. ~Nik

Hank you! ~Nik
Elcome. ~Erin

I thought you were going to the bathroom. ~Sarah
No, I was putting bean dip in the fridge. ~Erin
Fridge… the anti-oven! ~Nik

But if I dance on your lap, I don’t have to do any work. ~Nik

Still… my… go. ~Nik

Qu’est-que-ce les cheesy poofs? ~Sarah

I’m on it, I’m on it! ~J

What am I asking him? ~Nik
What time is it? In Spanish. ~J
Was or ist es? ~Kristin
Que hora es!! Hang up! Que hora es!! ~Erin

I’ll take my shirt off if you want me to. ~Nik

That wasn’t even of your front face. ~Nik (about Sarah)

My face is pinker than my shirt. ~J

I’ve never heard of brushing teeth in the middle of drinking. ~J

Oh pooh. Shit… fuck… hello! ~Kristin

Should we wait for her? ~Sarah
Don’t roll! ~Nik (from the bathroom)

I’m going to pee. Nikki, do you need it before me? ~Kristin

It’s not like I sit in the shower and ask what might could I clean? ~Nik

Mine aren’t that perky but they are flexible. ~J

Do you want to wake up and find out you ate your pen? ~Sarah

Can’t my front and back say the same thing? ~Nik

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