Friday, January 14, 2005

Northwest Airlines

Dear M. Blackwell:

Northwest Airlines would like to take this opportunity to apologize for the delay of flight NW5717 on December 24. 2004.

Due to the severe weather conditions around our system, Northwest Airlines and its Airlink partners were forced to cancel or delay a large number of flights. As a result, many of our customers experienced significant flight disruptions and/or did not receive their luggage upon arrival at their destination.

We are very sorry for the problems that you experienced, and as a tangible gesture to ptove our commitment to customer service, I am doing the following for our valued customers.

Adding 5000 bonus miles to your WorldPerks account. You may visit our website at to verify these miles have been posted. Please allow 3 business days for the miles to appear.

Loyal customers are key to any company's success, and it is our goal to provide excellent service on every occasion. I hope you will give us an opportunity to restore your confidence and to welcome you on Northwest and out affiliate carriers in the near future.

Lynn Pahl
Customer Care and Sales Support

Why did they only apologize for flight NW5717? They didn't care about NW3437? Because that's where my bag was lost. Sure, they wouldn't tell me that they left my bag on the sidewalk at the Philly airport, but I know that's where it was. Otherwise, why did it take 2 whole days to get it back?

So, 5000 miles.

I gave them 3 business days. I didn't get free 5,000 miles yet. I currently have 14,658.

Not that I know how many miles gives me a free anything. Or that I really want to fly with them again. Seeing as how it's the second time they lost my bag. Whatever... we all know if they're the cheapest flight I'll use them again. I'm broke.

Interesting though, no?

Airplanes are amazing. They're little traveling sleep centers in the sky. Magic.

But I would have much rather had a free flight anywhere. Like Hawaii. For two. Think on that, Northwest. Think on that... maybe we can work out a compromise. Because the nonexistant 5,000 free miles are doing nothing for me. Nothing.

End Blog.

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