Thursday, December 30, 2004

It's the Holiday Season... So HoopDeeDoo...

Vacation for the holidays. A time for family. And in order to make it happen, lots of traveling must occur. And apparently, mostly by me.

If I put time and energy into this post I would give you a breakdown of total time I spent traveling to somewhere and the mileage involved. I’m not putting that much effort into it. Forget it. That sounds like math.

But I will give you this:

3 hour drive from DC to Philly.

Flight number 1: delayed


Flight number 2: delayed, making the layover way too long. I’m sorry Memphis, you’re not that exciting.

Lost baggage, complete with a long ass line to stand in to say, “Hey, you lost my bag. It’s small and black and has wheels; it looks like every other bag you lost. Deliver it to this address.”

Rental car: Even though I had a reservation for an economy sized car, they didn’t have any. I was given a minivan at the economy rate. I still don’t know if that’s good or bad news, because… ew, minivan.

A very merry Christmas time, indeed… without my luggage. It arrived 2 days after I did. But, I did get to not travel anywhere for 2 whole days.

Then, more travel.

Drive to Dallas/Ft. Worth airport to pick up my sister: 2.5 hours one way, 5 total driving hours.

Then, the drive from Longview to Hondo. This is a 7.5 hour drive, not including pit stops for food and other necessities. Like gas. And… you know…

Stayed in Hondo for (wait, I’m really going to do the math…) 39 hours and 48 minutes. Then, I turned my little minivan around and drove the 7.5 hours back. (It takes 8 when you make the stops and you’re by yourself.) The good news is that I didn’t get lost.

And now, I sit here, waiting for my laundry to finish so I can pack and continue the trip with flights 3 and 4 tomorrow morning. This time I hope to not have to hang out in the Memphis airport for 5 hours. Because, really… boring.

And a few days later, I shall make the 3 hour drive from Philly to DC again and end the trip where I started.

In 10 days I have never spent so much cumulative time in a car/plane/airport in my life. I’ve just crammed 3 different trips into one huge vacation. It’s insanity. And not recommended for those of you who have not trained for years to sit on your ass and do nothing, while still not falling asleep. Seriously, leave it to the pros like me.

Parts of the trip that you may or may not read further about at a later time:
- Everyone hates my driving but me
- The weirdness of the announcement
- Animatronic Charles at the Dr Pepper Museum in Waco, TX
- Conflict of music interests between the Blackwell sisters
- Cows and Dogs
- Handguns and Bullets
- The shear number of times I did laundry and packed my suitcase
- Internet withdrawal in the middle of nowhere, TX
- The damn chiming clock (die!)
- Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper, who knew?
- How Sarah McLachlan and I made up, for now
- The Frostee and it’s impossible thickness
- My anticipation over the taped AMC episodes I missed

And, of course, whatever events occur with the trip back to Philly, whatever ends up going down on New Year’s Eve and day… and the drive home.

But now it’s time to fold my clothes and pack them all away, again.

Wit may return to my writing once I get home… however… I make no promises, and blame central time for everything.

Blog End.

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