Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Gauntlet

Today Brenda issued a challenge to all of her blogging friends, and we have all agreed to join her in the 30 Days of Television meme that's been floating around the interwebs. For thirty days (more or less... and likely not consecutive in my case) we will be posting the following:

Day 01 - A show that should never have been canceled
Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching (currently on)
Day 03 - Your favorite new show (started in the year 2010)
Day 04 - Your favorite show ever
Day 05 - A show you hate (or dislike very much)
Day 06 - Favorite episode of your favorite TV show
Day 07 - Least favorite episode of your favorite TV show
Day 08 - Best twist in a series
Day 09 - Best scene ever
Day 10 - A show you thought you wouldn't like (or hated) but ended up loving
Day 11 - A show that disappointed you
Day 12 - An episode you have never grown tired of...
Day 13 - Favorite childhood show
Day 14 - Favorite male character
Day 15 - Favorite female character
Day 16 - Your guilty pleasure show
Day 17 - Favorite mini series
Day 18 - Favorite title sequence
Day 19 - Best TV show ensemble cast
Day 20 - Favorite kiss
Day 21 - Favorite relationship (romantic, friendship child/parent)
Day 22 - Favorite series finale
Day 23 - Most annoying character
Day 24 - Best quote
Day 25 - A show you plan on watching, but haven't gotten around to yet (old or new)
Day 26 - Season finale failure
Day 27 - Best pilot episode
Day 28 - First TV show obsession
Day 29 - Current TV show obsession
Day 30 - Saddest character death

Some of these might have either no answer of very short, unsatisfying answers. In such a case, we have three alternative ideas to use, which are:

Show you lost track off that you wish you kept watching
Show you love that everyone else hates
Show you hate that everyone else loves

We have been given permission to change a day if it's difficult or rather boring with these ideas, or to make up our own if we feel the need, just so long as we post the original day and topic and do a strikethrough or something similar.

So with that, the 30 Days of Television begins. Here are the other bloggers that are participating:

Sounds fun! Maybe we will all pick up on a new show, and get to share some of our favorite TV moments. Please feel free to join in!

End Blog.

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