Sunday, December 19, 2010

30 Days of TV: Day 05 - Why??

A show that you hate: True Blood

It's really a shame too because I like a lot of Showtime shows (edit: oops! This one is on HBO... maybe that's a reason I don't like it? Showtime clearly has better quality television) and this one had potential. I actually really liked the first season, but then it turned into utter rubbish. You might think that I'm saying this because the story doesn't follow the novels. I'm not. In fact, I tried to read the first book after I'd seen a couple of the episodes in the first season, thinking that books are always better then movies/television shows. Turns out I didn't like the books at all. I suppose it only makes sense that the series turned out the way it did...

I watched all of the first season and actually liked the show. Then, the second season just turned ridiculous. I suffered through it for a while and then realized that I didn't have to watch it just because Carolyn had it on the TV. It was life changing. =) Seriously, after I decided that it wasn't worth my time and if I didn't watch it, I couldn't be annoyed with it, I felt a lot better. No more hour long frustration in my life!

So what did I hate about it? The main characters were whiny and annoying. They didn't solve their problems, they just seemed to have them and then get more problems and there was a never ending horrible cycle going on. The characters that I did like usually turned up dead.

There was also not a lot of explanation as to what was going on. And as I understand it, even if you read the books, the storyline was often confusing. I wanted there to be more substance to the mythology of the world they lived in. Instead, every week we got something like, "Oh, by the way, there are werepanthers!" and "PS, I forgot to tell you, fairies!!"

There was so much potential for the show... it just never did what I wanted it to do: Have a real, meaty, substantial storyline with characters that I actually cared about. And even though they were throwing odd things out at you every week and seeing which things stuck, I didn't feel like there was ever a good twist or plot or... anything. This show goes nowhere. There's blood and gore and violent sex and not an interesting thing that I can think of.

The only endearing character is Jason Stackhouse (played by Ryan Kwanten) who is not all that bright. He does a lot of stupid things, but his heart is in the right place. And he's very, very pretty. He was the only one that I looked forward to seeing on screen.

I have little else to say about it... other than I do not recommend anyone viewing it. There seem to be some people who enjoy the show, but I'm not quite sure what they're getting out of it. Unless it's just the pretty, pretty Ryan Kwanten.

A second runner up for a show that I hate would be The Closer. (I would have put this first if I could ever sit through it long enough to have actual reasons to hate it.)

I hate this show so much I can't even make it through the first five minutes of any episode of it, ever. What do I hate about it? Everything. But mostly it's Kyra Sedgwick, her weird fake southern accent, and everything about her arrogant and condescending character Brenda. I've never been able to watch it and I never will. Also, good news (for me), it's going off the air! Yay!

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Sean said...

Bzzt, it's on HBO, not Showtime :P

Nikki said...

Ahhh, you are correct, Sir. That explains a lot. Apparently, I just don't like HBO. I can't stand to watch Boardwalk Empire, either. There are too many people on that show and nothing ever seems to happen.


Amanda @geekdetails said...

I don't like true blood either. I started out really liking it and then I just wanted Tara to be freaking eaten by a vamp so she would stop her freaking whining. Her voice grates on my last ever loving nerve.

And Sam? I'm waiting for Sam to grow a pair and be a werewhateverheis and own it. He pussyfoots around everyone, sometimes has mild outbursts, feels sorry, and then takes the blame even if it isn't his fault.

Sookie? Ugh. she has such pooooorrrr taste in men that it's almost like watching twilight except these vamps don't sparkle.

i could go on, but I won't. I sympathize with you though. It had so much potential and now it just plain blows

Bren said...

I'll just stick with Buffy, thank you much.

I can't hate The Closer though.. I think it's because she's the only intelligent character that is named Brenda that I've ever seen.