Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Garage Smells Like a Homeless Dog

A recap of Carolyn's day saving Bailey the dog, as written by Carolyn in an email to one of her friends that volunteers at a shelter:


I found Bailey wandering around my neighborhood at around 1030AM today, 11/30/10. I live on [REMOVED] in Kansas City, MO. He came right up to my dog Remy and myself, tail wagging like crazy and I was able to get a leash on him easily. He was pretty dirty but otherwise looked not too worse for wear. He was wearing a black collar with a 2004 3-Year Rabies tag (#561247) on it. I called the number on the tag which was for VCA Wingate Animal Hospital in Englewood, CO (303) 771-8620. I spoke with Alissa there.

Turns out his previous owner used to be an employee of VCA Wingate, however, she has since passed away. From the information I was able to gather, her daughter was last known to be caring for the dog, but the only number the animal hospital had for her was a work number for a place where she is no longer employed. They have no other way of getting in touch with her. The only information I have about her is that her name is Caitlin Jones. They were also able to tell me that the dog's name is Bailey.

They also told me that Bailey is micro-chipped through HomeAgain (#45420D1F27), however, the owners never registered him so they didn't have any information either.

Bailey is a very friendly, sweet and playful boy. He looks to be a Yellow Lab of medium build and short height. I estimate him to be at least 7 years old given that his tag was from 2004 and it was a 3 year vaccine. He got along pretty well with my two dogs (both females) and was submissive to my older dog, Remy. Aside from being a little dirty he's in pretty good shape. I think he might have a slight injury to one of his toes on his back right paw but it doesn't seem to be bothering him too much. Just looks like he may have hurt the pad a bit and licked it a little raw but he moves just fine on it. He's a little scraggly and might be missing some fur on his belly. He's also scratching quite a bit. We think he needs a bath, however, we don't think we can give him one here.

I've gone through every avenue I can think of to try and find his owner but if there's anything you could do to help this guy out, I'd appreciate it.


Me too! He's currently living in the garage. I really hope we find someone that can take him. Not only for his sake, but because I really like my car being in the garage... =)

I'd like to be able to take him to the vet, but I don't really want to incur the costs. However cute he might be, I will not be keeping him. Three dogs is too many dogs for me, and he and River are not the best of friends. I also hope that he doesn't have some sort of disease that I'm exposing my pups to because that would really suck, seeing as how we're trying to do something nice for him.

Carolyn thought this would be an easy fix when she found him in the street. He had a collar and a tag on it, but it turns out not to be very simple. SO - Caitlin Jones - if you're out there, we have your dog. Please take care of him.

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Anonymous said...

its kristen- i have no idea how to comment on a blog.

anywho- i'm so proud of you guys for taking bailey in for now! I hope he finds a home!!!!! Fingers crossed!