Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 Winter Olympic Opening Ceremonies 02

Total running "Tragedy" count - 6

Why the hell is Arnold Schwarzenegger carrying an Olympic torch?

I forgot all about Mary Carillo. I only ever see her during the Olympics, with her deep voice and relatively boring stories. Welcome back into my life for two weeks, Mary. I will promptly forget about you soon.

Why does Apolo Ohno always wear something around his head? Does he think that he's the Karate Kid? Don't you think that Jaden Smith will have something to say about that? Or will he play him in an upcoming feature film about Apolo's life?

I just saw a commercial that had a guy with prosthetic running type feet. All they showed was his fake feet and when they panned up, Dan and I were both disappointed it wasn't a robot. Obviously we're the worst people on earth. I love us.

Below was the best guest blogging event, ever. It most likely didn't make much sense. It was most likely clearly awesome. It has been lost by the computer Gods.

I hate them.

I am sorry that this is lost. =(

Sigh... we were clearly drunk, too. I even lost count on the running tragedy count... siiiiiiigh. I am so disappointed.

End Blog.

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