Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 Winter Olympic Opening Ceremonies 01

Dear Blog, It's been a long time. I know that I didn't post anything in January, but the Winter Olympics have brought me out of semi-retirement. I'll try to be better about it...

But for now - The Opening Ceremonies.

FYI, before I start, I wanted to let you know this has been turned into a drinking game. Here are the rules that Belinda and I made up:

Drink -

Rule 1:
Any announcer mentions the lack of snow in Vancouver (alternatively, if they mention the HUGE amount of snow on the East Coast).

Rule 2:
Any announcer mentions the fashion of any of the athlete's uniforms.

Rule 3:
Anytime a Mountie shows up.

Rule 4:
Anytime ANYONE mentions the Beijing Opening Ceremony.

Rule 5:
The providence "Saskatchewan" is mentioned.

Rule 6:
You recognize a famous Canadian. If others do not recognize the Canadian in question, they have to chug their drink. (This should be easy as there are only 7 famous Canadians).

Rule 7:
Nikki says "they must have been on crack when they came up with this", we will all do a shot.

Rule 8:
Anyone is suspended/flying by wires.

Rule 9:
The words "world record" are said.

And finally,
Rule 10:
If the Georgian dead Luge guy is mentioned take a drink. BUT if the words "sacrifice", "tragedy" or "horrific" are mentioned, you MUST finish your drink and pour one out for your homeys.

(We were told it was too soon for #10. Also, it's impossible to finish your drink every time they say "tragedy", because they say it like 5 times in 2 minutes. So, be careful and don't die... like he did.)

I shall post this so you know the rules. There will be more from me on this subject.

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