Friday, November 23, 2007

Making Christmastime

Today, the day after Thanksgiving... Black Friday. I did not participate in the commercialism. It always ruins the whole spirit of the season seeing people fighting over stuff to buy and standing in lines to get deals and all that jazz. I'd much rather celebrate the season in the freezing cold (the high today was 31 degrees), putting up Christmas lights on my house. Thanks to Janelle, I'm adopting this tradition. The day after Christmas is now for decorating the outside of one's home.

I debated what kind of lights to buy, but I settled on multicolored ones because that's what Dad used to put on the house when I was a kid. And I always loved it. I think plain white lights are much more classy, but... Christmas decorations aren't about being classy. No. They are about reliving the happiness of childhood, and so, multicolored it is.

Up I go. Thankfully, I have a lovely friend who let me borrow her ladder. Which has totally sold me on purchasing this kind of ladder when I get finally do get one.

Stop looking at my butt.

So, one side of my house is... taller. (More of the foundation is showing.) And we got tired of moving the ladder when we got to this last side. So, I climbed up on the roof. I'm still debating how good of an idea that was, but finishing the lights was lightning fast after I got up there. It was just the getting up there and the getting down from there parts that were scary.

The roof is really high. And has more of a pitch than I would have thought. But, it was totally worth it. See?

"Cause when the full moon starts to rise, we're all singing out, it's Christmastime!"

End Blog.


big sis said...

Time to give them something fun they'll talk about for years to come.

My oldest memories are of all blue lights in PA to match the house - were your multicolored lights in SC?

Nikki said...

Yep. I don't remember blue lights at all. Now that you mention it, I might have seen pictures or something because I have a vague recollection of it, but I remember the multicolored Christmas lights in SC most of all.