Saturday, August 11, 2007

Go Sing With Buffy

I just got home from the Buffy Musical Sing Along. Yes, folks, they've turned "Once More, With Feeling" into a Rocky Horror-type sing along theater experience. You get a goodie bag full of things like kazoos, bubbles, vampire teeth, a finger puppet monster, and a streamer-popper thingie. You get to hold up cell phones and lighters for Giles' ballad, scream at Dawn to SHUT UP, dance in the aisles with Anya, and do the wave during musical numbers... all while singing along with the cast. Joss even filmed it in widescreen so it could make the leap to the big screen effortlessly.

The experience is super fun. A giant rabbit runs through the audience. What's not to like?

I'm glad that I was informed that this show was coming to Kansas City. And I found out this theater is also going to do a Grease sing along at some point. It might be my new favorite place. Cult classic theater. Brilliant.

They're doing another showing tomorrow night. You should TOTALLY go sing with Buffy. The random yelling from others is enjoyable and humorous. Do it.

Buffy Sings
Granada Theater

I have vampire teeth now. I'm gonna go try to scare my dog with them and then blow bubbles in her face. It's double the entertainment...

End Blog.

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