Saturday, June 30, 2007

Noah, Can I Borrow Your Ark?

It's been raining since I returned from Chicago - and apparently was raining here the entire time I was gone. I came home to a muddy dog, because she has no etiquette for walking around big areas of mud when not on a leash. Instead, she walks through them and then scratches her neck and ears with muddy feet. She just recently got another bath. This time, she willingly jumped in the bathtub. I think she knew she was a mess, too.

And still, it continues to rain. In fact, currently, I'm pretty much in the only area of rain in the entire country. THE ENTIRE COUNTRY. It's a huge country. And I'm right smack dab in the middle of that rain storm.

Seriously. Rain, go away. Bother someone else for a while. Just... stay away from New Jersey for a week... because I'm not staying in this land of rain much longer. My vacation away from you, Rain, will be a joyous one. Don't think about following me.

The weatherman told me that it was going to be a gorgeous weekend. No rain for us. Bunch of damn liars.

I still can't believe that radar map. I swear it's been raining here since April. We've seen like... 12 days of sunshine. I'm not even joking. I hope we get out of this stupid weather pattern soon.

The National Weather Service stated for the dates of June 27-30: "Given the tendency for storms to flow across the same portions of the area over and over, rain fell in many areas for more than 24 hours in a row. Due to the persistence of these storms, widespread 3-5 inch rainfall totals were common with some locations receiving in excess of 6-8 inches of rainfall."

Storms, move along. Stop flowing across the same portions of the area over and over. There's nothing to see here. Nothing to see...

End Blog.

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