Sunday, December 03, 2006


I think this is where Remy hangs out when I'm not around. I found her here today, just looking out the window.

She really is a watchdog!

Getting this picture wasn't easy. I had to sneak up on her and then just sort of guess where she was a) because it was dark and b) because the LCD screen on my camera doesn't work and I don't actually have a view finder.

So, should you come over and stay in my guest room, hope you don't mind dog hair. Because I think she's already claimed this room since she spends more time in it than I do.

(Photoshop really works wonders. You should have seen the poor quality of this image when I took it. Also, the new upgrade is waaaaay nicer for uploading photos. I no longer need two programs to do it!)

Beware everyone. Remy's on guard.

End Blog.


Mom said...

This must be a family dog trait, I got an almost identical picture this weekend. If I could figure out how to link a picture here, I'd show you. If you're interested, cut and paste. =P

Erin said...

Hey, I had that room before her! Lucky for her, I like dogs and I like to share. I can see the relief on her face. Tell her I can't wait to meet her!! Oh, and I miss you too!