Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Holiday Fraud Alert

This just in from your friendly neighborhood criminalist: I'm a criminalIST, not a criminal!

(Or, for all of you who never thought about it before, here's wonderful new information on how you, too, can become a criminal.)

If you buy holiday gift cards from a display rack this holiday season, beware. You may become a victim of theft. People have started jotting down card numbers in the store while waiting in line to check out and then, in a few days, they call to see how much of a balance they have on your card. Once they know the card has been activated and there’s money to be spent, they start shopping online. It’s suggested that if you want to purchase a gift card to do so directly from a customer service representative where the cards are not viewable to the public.

Also, remember to keep your purchases out of view by locking them in your trunk (I don't have a trunk!) and to keep your receipts and items separately so they aren’t stolen and returned for cash or gift cards. If the store’s policy is to credit your charge card (if that’s how it was purchased), it’s suggested to give the old plastic a little use as another deterrent.

Happy holidays. Enjoy Consumerism at its best.

End Blog.


Mom said...

Some info on this here: http://www.snopes.com/fraud/sales/giftcard.asp

Nikki said...

I thought that link was going to tell me this was a myth and doesn't happen. And then I was going to rant about the police giving out false information. But it's true so they are safe... and apparently still doing their jobs. Good to know. =)

Timm said...

don't forget under paid sales associates that like to steal your credit card information and then use your credit card. This happen more at restaurants (where you give them your card and the disappear) but it is happening more and more all the time.

Have fun!