Sunday, December 10, 2006

English Laughter

Today I got sucked into YouTube for... well, frankly, hours. It's a frightening sort of addictive personality I have. Luckily I've never tried drugs because I'm sure that I'd be checked out of rehab and dead by now.

Anyway, I stumbled onto Paperlilies channel. I'm not sure why I was so enthralled there. Was it the English accent? Was it the random content? Was it that she slighty, in the oddest sense, reminded me of Drew Barrymore/Sara Rue? Was it the few times where she vlogged in an American accent? I have no idea.

But, seeing as how this was near the end of her video section, and after I had watched countless of her videos, I think I may have gone temporarily insane. (Someone spiked the vids!) Because I could not, and I mean could NOT, stop laughing at this:

I feel we would be fast friends. We have the same sense of humor and both think we're geeks.

And oh, the out takes!

So, Bryony, thanks. Even though I didn't ask for your permission to post you on my blog. Isn't the internet a crazy thing?

I suppose that's what happens when we put ourselves out there.

End Blog.


Quila26 said...

Utube is like crack! (not that I would know) If Bryony didn't want to be out there, she could have disabled the embedding feature. This is why we have to get WMrecorder to save these treasures from those damn disablers.

Paperlilies said...

haha, glad you like my videos! :) (i have a google alert for the word 'paperlilies', so i can see all....!

Paperlilies said...

oh, there should have been a ')' at the end of that. um.... now i look silly.

Nikki said...

I should mention "paperlilies" all the time then and force an overseas friendship. Because I even like the way that there was a comment to fix the comment... and I'm kinda honored by it in the first place.

I mean, you're a famous youtube celebrity now.