Wednesday, January 19, 2011

30 Days of TV: Day 09 - Best Scene Ever

Day 09 - Best Scene Ever

Best scene ever? EVER? I don't even know where to start thinking about this. I mean, I already talked about my favorite X-Files episode and that awesome thing from Dexter... Nothing immediately stands out as BEST, and deciding on something like that seems like a lot of pressure. I mean, there are lots of good scenes in different shows. How do you rank them?

After talking that out with you all and a bit of internet perusing, I've decided to go with a comedy on this one because I think that "best scene" sort of automatically puts itself in a drama category and this comedy probably would be overlooked by most people. But, I settled here because it really can hold its own against a lot of other stuff that I've come up with. I have chosen this scene because 1) it was hilarious, 2) we STILL talk about it, 3) it was unexpected and brilliant, and 4) it was such a hit there was extended content.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you How I Met Your Mother's very own Robin Sparkles in Let's Go To The Mall. (Also, I think I need to mention that the slap bet came about during this episode because Barney bet Marshall that Robin was in a porno... which will explain a scene further down...)

And let's not forget the full version of the video:

After this we were treated with Sandcastles in the Sand

And even this season, we're still discovering additional little nuggets of Robin Sparkles that not only keep continuity, but are even more funny than ever before.

I couldn't find the small missing clip between these scenes. Basically Barney and Ted continue watching this with Robin and she turns it off because they keep making dirty jokes about the content. It's not really their fault though, as they are talking about beavers and wood... After that, it goes on to this scene later in the episode:

So, there you have it. I give best scene ever to Let's Go To The Mall, but mostly because of all the support and follow-up it was given. And that it was the inspiration for Beth's costume at my golden birthday 80's costume party.

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Bren said...

I actually just yesterday was telling Jenn about how I used to have Let's Go to the Mall as a ring tone, but had to change it because I would sing to it too long and the call would go to voice mail.

Robin Sparkles is amazing.

Very well played friend.

Also I still think that the 80s birthday party was the most rad party I've ever been to totally for sure.

Betty (Beth) said...

Oh my. I need to wear my jacket right now. Why am I at work when I could be at home dancing around in my jacket!!?!!