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30 Days of TV: Day 10 - A Show You Hated But Ended Up Loving

This one's easy. I watched the first three-ish episodes of Grey's Anatomy when the show started seven years ago and I thought the main character, Meredith Grey, was whiny and annoying, and I decided that I didn't have to watch a show that made me mad. Because she did. She was a doctor for goodness sakes! Be a grown up, not a fifteen year old with high school drama!

Season One Cast

I didn't watch it for several years. I'm not sure exactly who got me back into it. I think it was probably Carolyn who forced me to watch it once she moved in. And when I started watching it, it was a completely different show. Meredith was tolerable. She'd grown up. Mark Sloan was pretty and had been a great addition to the cast. Same goes for Callie Torres.

And I started watching it. And I fell in love with it. The characters were so much more put together and well rounded. I was even convinced to go back and watch older episodes so I could understand their back story, and I actually liked it. LIKED IT! That horrible, annoying show that I turned off because it made me angry...

A third of the original cast is no longer in the show. And now, instead of nine main characters to follow around, there are more like fourteen. I think that more people lead to less ridiculous drama and better story telling. Often times I think it's hard for a show to manage such a large cast, but Grey's does a pretty good job of it. There are still characters that I'm not a huge fan of, but the good news is since there are so many characters to follow, you don't often have to suffer through their scenes for very long. The downside is that if you have people that you love, you always wish their scenes were longer.

Season Seven Cast

Honestly, Mark and Callie saved this show for me. The latest episode (the musical event!) basically had Callie, Arizona, and Mark carry the episode, which is pretty awesome for three non-original cast members. I like that the show evolved in such a way that new cast members felt organic, like they belonged there, and were developed well enough to be in the forefront and carry and entire episode... in song.

So... hated it due to the main title character, but love it for pretty much everyone else. (I'm still not a huge fan of Meredith.)

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