Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

The following is a photo journal of the Annual Anderson Halloween Party costumes. If you don't watch TV or movies or enjoy pop culture, most of these costumes will be lost on you. However, I loved them all. Also, I didn't get photos of everything because I was really bad about taking pictures this year. I'll try to get some from a more responsible photo journalist.

This year I went as Sue Sylvester from Glee. Carolyn was Will Shuester. I bought a meagphone and a slushie for the occasion. Also, I have no idea why this photo is so blurry. I obviously didn't take it.

You can also see Daniel in the background in his Captain's shirt and Joe as Harry Potter.
Brenda as Dr. Arizona Robbins and Krisana as Dr. Callie "Gauze Paws" Torres from Grey's Anatomy. You know, from when she had the chicken pox.

Troy and Adam as members of clergy. Opposing religions still love each other.

Tom and Ashley as Lone Star and Princess Vespa from Spaceballs!

The Rabbi and Pediatric Surgeon prep for the bris.

Joe changed from his Harry Potter costume.

And then came the portion of the night where we all started wearing everyone else's costumes!
This is Sue pretending to be Jesus.

The following night I went to another Halloween party. There, Sue ran into Olivia Newton-John (she was just an 80's aerobics instructor, but it's funnier if she's Newton-John) and Madonna.
Cyndi Lauper was also in attendance.

And thus ends all the photos I took at these parties. It was another success, although I'm not sure that it topped last year's "Up" costumes. Although, people did seem to enjoy it and got it rather quickly, so that was nice.

At the Anderson's party I used my megaphone to yell at people all night, since I knew everyone there. Also, I made fun of Will Shuester's hair. Repeating Sue's one liners was ridiculously fun. At one point I stood in the corner of the kitchen we were using as a bar for mixed drinks and I screamed "This is Sue's Corner. You are not allowed in Sue's Corner. Everyone out of Sue's Corner!" And then I said, "That's how Sue, 'sees' it," and did her little C letter hand motion thing. If nothing else, I had a great time!

As always, thank you Beth! It's the best part of Halloween every year.

Oh, and PS - these are the two pumpkins I carved this year:

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

End Blog.

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Charlie said...

So, I must ask: Is the top pumpkin a Droid pumpkin?