Saturday, April 28, 2007

Super Nik!

I totally caused a police car chase to turn into a police foot chase on Thursday. I am a superhero.

I was leaving work and pulling out into traffic on Troost. There was a bus that was close by and then a few cars waaaaaay up at the top of the hill. I waited for the bus and then pulled out because I didn't realize there was this car that was driving at like 80mph on a road where you should only be doing 35 (so I thought I had a lot of time to pull out). Anyway, long story short - I did not.

I heard tires screeching before I saw the car behind me in my rear view mirror, which swerved left to pass, lost control of the car, spun out, and ended in front of me, almost facing the wrong direction. Then it pulled up onto the grass/sidewalk of the building next to work and a dude got out of the passenger seat. I thought he was coming after me to kill me. He got out before the car stopped and slipped and fell on the wet grass. (Which is funny now, but not at the time.)

And then the dude in the driver's seat got out. And I was scared to death, thinking, "I am so dead. Right here. I'm going to die right in front of work." Fear of death imminent, I froze, unable to think far enough in advance to DRIVE AWAY from these crazy road-rage-filled men.

And then the weirdest thing happened. I heard sirens behind me... and these two dudes RAN AWAY. (And uphill... dumb. And in the same direction. Dumb.) Three police cruisers came up, and an officer jumped out of his car and ran after them, and then the police cruisers drove off, following them the best they could.

And I think, had it not been for me pulling out of my work parking lot, the car chase would have continued.

I watched the news all night but nothing about it came on. The next day at work, I asked around. Apparently the driver was stopped on 71 highway for some sort of violation and when they found out who he was, they discovered five warrants for aggravated assault. FIVE! So, knowing he was about to be arrested, he took off, police chase ensuing.

So, Superhero that I am, I stopped the car chase and made them flee on foot. The driver was arrested in my work parking lot. Apparently he ran up around the block and must have jumped the fence to our back parking lot. He was standing around talking on his cell phone, like he belonged there. Good thing we knew he did not. He was arrested and is currently in jail on $8,000 bond.

I mean, talk about stupid criminals! He was standing on police property!

No word on the passenger - who he is, why he ran... All I know is he was wearing jeans and a red and white horizontal striped shirt, a red baseball hat, and is kinda clumbsy...

Anyway, the good news is that they didn't hit my car. (Whew! I mean, it was really, really, really, close!) I never saw the car coming AT ALL. Or I had absolutely no idea it was going that fast.

The bad news is that I thought I might die and seriously needed to calm down my heart rate after witnessing all of this.

It's not easy being a superhero crime fighter.

End Blog.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm Totally Supposed to be Here

Does it look like she's smiling? Because I'm sure she is. I can tell she's pleased with herself that she's up on my bed. That rascal.

End Blog.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Eye Spy

Yesterday I made Beth drive 15 minutes to Lenscrafters to help me make a decision because it was simply impossible for me to choose new glasses on my own. Then I decided to ignore her choice at least three times. Beth is one of the best friends a girl could ask for.

The story unfolds as thus:

On a whim I decided to get new glasses. I've had mine for over six years and haven't had an eye appointment is as long, either. I wasn't wearing them all last week because I was basically completely sick of them and seeing as how my vision isn't that bad, I regularly don't wear them. Lenscrafters had an appointment open and so I took it.

After I filled out my preliminary info, I went back and did the fun glaucoma test, watched a little farmhouse go in and out of focus, and looked in this thing where I was supposed to see 9 diamonds and instead saw 12. This seemed to trouble the woman doing the tests for the doctor, but I was unsurprised as things like that happen often to me. Then I was temporarily blinded with a bright light so they could get a picture of my retina… which was kind of cool to see, so I wasn't all that upset.

I had a quick eye exam from a doctor who introduced herself as Sally, even though her name is Sarvitree. Turns out my prescription has gone down. My left eyes is now a -0.25 and my right a -0.50. She told me I didn't need to wear glasses all the time if I didn't want to, just for things like driving at night and stuff.

Also, we talked about my double vision issue and I learned that it usually happens in much younger kids. It's a problem with convergence. She gave me eye exercises to do. I suppose that eye exercises would be the first step in my work out regime. I mean, if I can actually set aside time and do them, maybe that also means I can set aside…

Eh, who are we kidding? I've had this problem for years and it's really not that big of an issue. I've learned to deal with it since it only comes up on a few occasions. I'm not going to do eye exercises.

Anyway, after that she put drops in my eyes to dilate them and sent me off to look at frames for a while as we waited for them to work. I picked out several different frames, in every style – wire frames, rimless, half rimless, plastic… once I found a shape that I thought worked for me, they all pretty much seemed the same. And then I was having trouble distinguishing colors because my pupils were the size of dimes. Also, it made me a little dizzy.

We went back and finished the eye exam where she looked at my retinas and told me I have very healthy eyes. The exam over, I gave her my five dollar copay and went on my merry way… back to frameland. (Insurance really is super awesome.)

I had about 9 pairs of glasses picked out and called for reinforcements because this was a choice I just couldn't make on my own. Enter Beth.

The pair I was most fond of (but refused to buy) were wire framed… but purple. After trying all the glasses on once for her, Beth almost immediately shot them down. She settles on two that she liked the most and we debated over them… forever.

She decided on a pair of very fine black wire frames glasses approximately three times. And each time I was like… really? And then I put on the second pair of glasses and each time she would say… no, I like those, too. But she always picked the black wire frames as her choice.

After talking to the salesman who told me Lenscrafters has a 30 day guarantee, where you can bring back your glasses and exchange them for any others if you diddn't like them for any reason… I went with the ones Beth didn't pick.

They're plastic and dark and totally scream, "Hey! I'm wearing Glasses!" But they're kinda cute. And seeing as how I don't have to wear them all the time anymore… I went with it. If they annoy me before 30 days are up, I can always take them back.

Plus… these were less expensive.

And after I got home I realized they kinda look like Tina Fey's glasses, just a little.

End Blog.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Vet Update

Turns out Rem's heartworm free. Hooray!

End Blog.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Remy's Health Evaluation and Pictures

The following is a recounted tale (tail?) of our vet visit and new and highly adorable pictures of Remy. Because I love my dog.

Remy and I went to the doctor on Friday. She's 60 pounds, which was exactly the weight of dog I was shooting for previous to the apartment rules lifting the weight maximum. Although 60 pounds is a pretty perfect size for a dog. According to Doc Stelzer, she's all around healthy, although, maybe, she might have a slight heart murmur. But it's nothing to worry about.

Rem got three shots and some blood drawn for a heartworm test, so I could finally get her on some heartworm meds. Because I've been a bad mom for the past four and a half months and not provided her with any. She got a rabies shot good for 3 years and one shot for all of the following: distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvo, and then one for kennel cough, just in case she need to be boarded somewhere some day. She took it all magnificently well, except for the tight restraint she was in for the blood draw, though she didn't seem to mind the needle too much.

We have to wait until tomorrow for the results of the heartworm test. Meanwhile, they sold me Heartgard assuming that she doesn't have any issue. It's a little chewy beefy treat. I'm sure she'll love it. That's way better than taking a pill. Why didn't they think of this before?

We also got a three year license for Kansas City. So we're all legal and stuff now. And she has two shiny metals for her collar. One is green and one is blue. She now jingles when she walks around.

So, all told, Remy spent $166.36 on Friday. We have to go back in September for a second in a series of shots. But, she seemed relatively happy. I also may have spoiled her rotten because she was so very well behaved at the vet.

I couldn't have adopted a better dog. I love her very much.

End Blog.

Remy says: "This blog is boring. Yawn."