Sunday, April 01, 2007

Remy's Health Evaluation and Pictures

The following is a recounted tale (tail?) of our vet visit and new and highly adorable pictures of Remy. Because I love my dog.

Remy and I went to the doctor on Friday. She's 60 pounds, which was exactly the weight of dog I was shooting for previous to the apartment rules lifting the weight maximum. Although 60 pounds is a pretty perfect size for a dog. According to Doc Stelzer, she's all around healthy, although, maybe, she might have a slight heart murmur. But it's nothing to worry about.

Rem got three shots and some blood drawn for a heartworm test, so I could finally get her on some heartworm meds. Because I've been a bad mom for the past four and a half months and not provided her with any. She got a rabies shot good for 3 years and one shot for all of the following: distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvo, and then one for kennel cough, just in case she need to be boarded somewhere some day. She took it all magnificently well, except for the tight restraint she was in for the blood draw, though she didn't seem to mind the needle too much.

We have to wait until tomorrow for the results of the heartworm test. Meanwhile, they sold me Heartgard assuming that she doesn't have any issue. It's a little chewy beefy treat. I'm sure she'll love it. That's way better than taking a pill. Why didn't they think of this before?

We also got a three year license for Kansas City. So we're all legal and stuff now. And she has two shiny metals for her collar. One is green and one is blue. She now jingles when she walks around.

So, all told, Remy spent $166.36 on Friday. We have to go back in September for a second in a series of shots. But, she seemed relatively happy. I also may have spoiled her rotten because she was so very well behaved at the vet.

I couldn't have adopted a better dog. I love her very much.

End Blog.

Remy says: "This blog is boring. Yawn."


Quila said...

Remy looks pretty happy, and you're obviously a good Mom. And not to worry, mosquito season is just about to start, so it's all good. When is Remy coming to see me?

Nikki said...

May. We'll be in Texas sometime in May.

Lil'motherf*cker said...

Cute puppy. Cute cute cute. I should get a job in KC... so I can see the cute dog. Cute.