Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy Anniversary Blog

Hey look, it's been exactly three years since I started blogging. I've gotten a Master's degree, have a career-type job, moved to Missouri, have a dog, and bought a house since I first started doing this.

And surprisingly, I'm still not a grown-up.

*runs about the blogspace*


In just slightly over three years, I'll be thirty. You can check back in with me then to see how I'm doing on the grown-up front.

Am not!

End Blog.


Ma said...

Happy Blog Anniversary!
You have kept me endlessly entertained and informed, with lots of info I never would have known otherwise, and probably some things I didn't really need to know too.
It's OK with me if you don't grow up, it makes me sound so much older when I say all my children are grown. =)

aunt chris said...

I agree with your ma --no need to grow up. I would suggest that if you want to continue to feel like a kid by getting bright shiny things on gifting occasions that you might share your new mailing address with your family!! I would use it!