Saturday, September 22, 2007

Chain, Screw, Belt

Should the deal go through with the house, and I actually think this one will, I need to buy a garage door opener. I assume that a friend of mine will help with (or mostly complete) the installation process. But, I've come to realize - as with most things house related - that I have NO IDEA exactly what I should be looking for in a garage door opener. They have screws or belts or chain drives... and well, I know nothing about them.

Suggestions? Is one better than the others? Is one easier to install?

Also, I foresee needing to buy a ladder for this project. Or to grow a whole lot.

Not enough people read this blog. And I imagine those that do also know nothing about garage door openers.

End Blog.


Candra said...

Not a clue! I love the fact that when the door is open, the overhead garage light comes on when I walk in/out of the garage. I don't understand how it works (I guess it is tied to do the safety laser thing??) but is really handy. I also kind of like the outside numpad feature. I am not much help am I? I do have a ladder you can borrow and a snazzy new drill and a pry bar and ....

Beth said...

Yeah, I believe we have a ladder...maybe??

I know our garage door sweaks a whole that how you spell squeak? squeek? Damn, I don't have a clue.

Good luck with that!! ;-)

Nikki said...


But I'm not sure if I would have even noticed your misspelling, had you not pointed it out.

Although, this would be a fabulous time to point out the awesome spell checking feature built into the latest Firefox that works just like Microsoft word with the whole red squiggly line thing as you type in message boxes for replying online to things and such.