Sunday, July 22, 2007

You Can't Stop the Beat

I went and saw Hairspray on Friday night. While Amanda Bynes' Penny Pingleton was sorely underused, and Link didn't sing "Without Love" directly to Tracy, there's not much else bad I can say about the film.

It's energetic and fun, and several times the theater burst into applause after a number, like you would expect on Broadway. When "You Can't Stop the Beat" played on screen, my theater actually clapped along with the finale. You really couldn't stop the beat.

The tongue-in-cheek humor and complete campiness were delightful. John Travola did a fabulous job as Edna Turnblad and watching him and Christopher Walken dance and sing "Timeless to Me" together actually completed my life. I didn't know I'd have that reaction to it, but I honestly think that I can die happy now.

James Marsden (Cyclops from the X-Men) was dreamy. I think I fell in love with him and his total corniness, most of all.

It's a bubble-gum musical that keeps you dancing in your seat and orgasmicly happy the entire movie. You have to have a heart of stone and hate your inner child to not fall in love with this movie. It's the most entertainment I've seen on screen all year and the best movie-musical I've ever had the pleasure of viewing.

I'll be buying the DVD when it comes out. It's brilliant.



(You can find clips of the movie here.)
I totally want to see this movie again...

End Blog.

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