Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Kid Fell Asleep in the Back

Okay, so these pictures weren't taken today, but they are pictures of a sleeping Remy. I mean, I could take one right now (she's sleeping), but she's in one of her two favorite positions: curled up in a tight ball on her pillow with her tail covering her nose. (See picture to the right.)

Instead, I give you a picture of her sleeping in the car on the way home from Texas on Mother's Day.

The toll booth operator that I gave my money to wished me a happy Mother's Day because I had a "little one" in the back.

That was kinda cute.

Seriously, I have a hundred of these. Dog owners shouldn't have cameras. They take more pictures of dogs than children, I am sure of it. (Kids just aren't as cute, no matter how you slice it. Fur makes for better pictures, hands down.)

End Blog.


Ma said...

Hey, who's the dog not sleeping in the first pic?

Nikki said...

That's when I was dogsitting for a coworker. His name is Kovu.

Ma said...

OMG! I thought it was one of those fake dogs in the beds that they are selling all over the place now. Color me surprised!