Sunday, April 03, 2005

A Girl's Best Friend

Eating pizza makes me miss my dogs.

If you understand why this is true, you are a dog owner/lover. If you do not, you probably have a cat. Or no pet at all. In which case you, a.) had a sad, unforgiving childhood, b.) tortured animals as a young child, or c.) both a. and b. You will grow up to be a sociopath or serial murder.

Therefore, by deductive reasoning…

Every kid should have a dog.

And, still being a kid myself, I want a dog!



Because I have pizza. Lots of pizza. And no one to share the crust with.

This can only lead to unhappiness and despair.

Dedicated to: Savvy and Rudy, the bestest dogs ever. They're probably starving without my pizza crust. I bet they miss me too. *hugs to the puppies!*

End Blog.

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