Tuesday, March 15, 2005


I'm a slacker. I haven't blogged in a while. Get over it.

There were many thoughts about blog. Mostly about how I was going to write all about how I broke my pencil during an exam and decided that the best thing to do in said situation was not get the pen out of my bag and use that, but instead fix the mechanical pencil and go about test taking as normal. I never got around to it. That was last week at this time.

I had planned on it being witty. But, alas, still I have not written it. Now I forget what was so fantastic about it. Was it because I'm awesome at fixing things and impressed myself that I figured out how to put it back together? Was it because there were tiny parts that would have pissed people off if they were not like me - possessing wee hands? Was it because I felt that a properly working mechanical pencil was more important than a midterm? Was it because I have the worst case of senioritis on the planet and would do absolutely anything to avoid this test? I don't know. But the last suggestion certainly seems like a winner.

I've been in school too long. I'm so glad I opted out of that doctor thing long ago.

And I should be looking for a new job. And a new roommate. Or a new place. Or something. Even doing my labs or writting a paper or two would be something worthwhile. I don't want to do any of those things.

I'd like to sleep.

And so I shall!

But most importantly, I'm bringing back the word shall. Because this is what I deem important today. Not enough people use the word shall. Shall implies certainty. People lack certainty. I lack certainty.

Except in one area...

I shall sleep. Because I am a slacker.

And I shall not ever get around to writing The Green Mechanical Broken Pencil and the Midterm From Hell.

Because I am a slacker.

End Blog.

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