Saturday, February 12, 2005

I Bet There Are Comprehesive Exams In Hell

Comp exams suck majorly. I’m taking a break from studying for a few minutes so I don’t go insane. And I'm feeding Blog. He told me he was hungry. Much like Mandy's cats... I will feed them promptly.

And I’d just like to take a second out of blog writing time to inform you that Madonna’s Express Yourself just came on the radio. You go Saturday Night at the 80’s!

Anyway… I was talking about comps. And them sucking. And studying for them sucking. And everything about them majorly sucking. I’d think of other adjectives but my brain is almost fried, and not in the crispy tasty way.

And on top of all this sucking, I get to get up early next Saturday - and I mean early - to take them. And they ruin a perfectly good Saturday. 5 tests, 45 minutes each… that’s 3 hours and 45 minutes of testing. Like I can focus that long. Test starts at 8am. I’m not even that productive at work until after lunch. What are they thinking?

Speaking of work, I can’t tell you how much better it’s become since two others joined up with the project. I love work. I love them. And because I have such joy there now, I actually look forward to it. It's such a new concept. I didn't know you were allowed to like work. And I’ve begun to think that there isn’t only one reason and one reason alone for me to be in DC - that being school. I seriously am starting to have thoughts other than the all consuming school thing… which is making studying way suckier.

I just have the worst case of senioritis. I really thought that it was bad senior year, when I scheduled days that I didn’t have a single class. Okay, one day… but still. But now, I really don’t care. It’s hard to study when you don’t care. I’ve been told I should have taken a year off before GW. But I doubt I would have ever gone back. Especially if I somehow found contentment in my job. And I mean contentment. Not like the hell and torture of Target. Somewhere between that and the happiness of the Secret Service. That may have something to do with only working 3 days a week though. Oh, no, wait... I did that at Target for a while, too.

I was thinking about Target the other day. I haven’t been back there since I picked up my last check in October. I’m not sure if 4 and a half months is long enough to heal from the torture of Target. But then sometimes I wonder if they have Dr Pepper on sale. Which would almost be enough to go back, though I’d miss my discount. And Safeway just had an awesome deal last weekend and I stocked up. $2.00 for 12. That’s a little over 16 cents a piece.

Ever wonder why there isn’t a cent sign as a shift function for one of the numbers? Or maybe in place of the + or * or /? I mean, if you’ve got a ten key pad like everyone does now a days, you have those keys twice. I just want a cents sign. Sometimes they’re needed. Unlike some of these other extra keys floating around. Do I really need 3 different ways to put something in parentheses/brackets? Is that left over from computer programming or something? Because, what’s really the difference of (this) as compared to {this} or [maybe even this]? Okay, so {} these suckers are kind of different. And I bet they have a special name all of their own. I wonder what it is. *points to previous paragraph about brain being fried* Please tell me if you know what they’re called.

I guess I’ve wasted enough time away from my notes. Wish me luck in the studying and test taking departments. And then come over to my apartment the night of February 19th… and bring alcohol.

Because right after comps, I get three new classes to study for. That’s right, comps are over just in time for midterms.

February Rocks.


End Blog.

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