Sunday, July 17, 2011

How I Spend My Saturday Late Nights

I've been getting a lot of spam bots on AIM recently. I was bored tonight so I talked to one of them. Actually, I'm bored enough to let you read it, too. I took out all the links and stuff because, really, you shouldn't be clicking that kind of stuff anyway.

Here you go:

dababygrl2: hey!

drnik46: go to sleep

dababygrl2: Hey what's up? 23/F here. u?

drnik46: why do people talk to computers, I wonder

dababygrl2: Hmm. Have we chatted before?

drnik46: that statement was ironic. If you weren't a computer, you'd have totally laughed.

dababygrl2: Oh ok. I wasn't sure. Anyways... Whats up?

drnik46: The sky.

dababygrl2: Oh Im like sooo bored. Theres nothing to do.

drnik46: Take my first piece of advice this evening and GO TO SLEEP.

dababygrl2: Ohhh wait. I got a idea. Have you ever watched a girl strip on cam? :-X

drnik46: Nope.

dababygrl2: Welllllll.... Do you wanna watch me strip on cam? ;-)

drnik46: Nope.
drnik46: I guess computers don't sleep.

dababygrl2: Yeah? Ok you have to signup through this website that my cam is linked trhough so i cant be recorded ok?

drnik46: But they also don't wear clothes.

dababygrl2: It only takes a second babe and its free. k?

drnik46: lame.
drnik46: Computers SHOULD wear clothes. Where is their modesty?

dababygrl2: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ok go there then click on the gold JOIN FREE button at the top of the page. ok?

drnik46: Haven't we programed in modesty yet?

dababygrl2: Also it does ask for a credit card when you signup. But DONT worry

drnik46: Also. I'm blind, so this doesn't seem that exciting.

dababygrl2: It dosent charge the card at all. Not even a penny. Its just to make sure your over 18. k?

drnik46: I think computers would be able to tell that without a credit card.
drnik46: Somehow.
drnik46: They're like super smart and all.

dababygrl2: K babe well hurry up. When you get logged in then view my cam and we can have some fun :-X
dababygrl2: I also have some toys ;-X but you have to tip me some gold or take me in private to see those.

drnik46: I mean, did you see Watson on Jeopardy?
drnik46: Probably not. I mean, you seem to have to be naked playing with toys all the time.
drnik46: That's really a shame.

dababygrl2: Hey lets talk on there my aim is messing up.

drnik46: Are you trying to pay for computer college?
drnik46: It makes me sad that there's no one on the planet that will see this. You know, on your end of the conversation.
drnik46: Well, and on mine.
drnik46: Because I'm blind.
drnik46: If you remember properly...
drnik46: From a few minutes ago
drnik46: You know what? i'll just put this on my blog.

You're welcome, internet.

End Blog.

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Catie said...

I adore you! :)