Sunday, August 29, 2010

Poison Ivy

I got poison ivy pretty bad this year, thanks to the dogs doing such a terrific job of trekking it in and contaminating my skin. I got it way worse than Carolyn, probably for a million reasons. Like, I touch the dogs more, or I have fingernails and scratched myself more and spread it around, or I'm more allergic or something. At any rate, some patches healed, some didn't, some kept getting worse.

So, on Friday, I went to the Minute Clinic at CVS (who needs a regular physician anyway?) and they gave me steroids. Oh, my God, what a miracle drug. How does that even work? I'm not even itchy anymore! The rash is already healing nicely. I should even be able to shave my legs again soon! (Trust me, this was a big worry of mine and other possible contamination issue.)

And once it's cleaned up completely, I'm totally going to go get a massage, because I've been wanting one for months. Also, a haircut, but that's completely unrelated. I think I put myself last when it comes to spending money.

Anyway, awesome drugs that I'll have to be on for 9 more days because of the tapering down effect.

I also sprayed the yard to get rid of the poison ivy out there. It's slowly starting to dry up and die. I have it in 2 known spots and there are probably about 7 or so plants out there. I feel like it might be coming over from my neighbor's yard, which is really annoying, because I feel like I'm going to keep having this probably recurring every summer for years to come. I really hope that is not the case. (I had a VERY mild case last year.)

It's late and this is probably jumbled up, but just wanted you to know that even though you had no idea things were sucking, I'm doing a lot better now!

End Blog.

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Betty (Beth) said...

If you want a good massage therapist you should go to Meg at Quiet Moments in Liberty. She is pretty awesome, has good hours and is way more affordable than most places. She's mine and I love her. :-)

Also, Steroids are awesome. They totally kicked my sore throat thing in the balls.