Monday, July 27, 2009


I read a report today at work that stated something like the following: Upon arrival at the scene the dead body was breathing.



Just thought I should share. That is all.

End Blog.


Belinda said...

You're welcome. That was the most awesome thing I've ever read. Well, the most awesome yesterday anyway. Tomorrow is another day.

Nunya said...

I believe the wording of the report was more to the effect of "Upon arrival, I found the dead body conscious and breathing." If not, it certainly makes the "Really?" more REALLYish!

Nikki said...

The point was more - why the hell are reports written like that? It's really dumb. Why don't you just use the NAME of the dead body instead of using that wordage? It would make reports a lot easier to read instead of Witness #1 said blah while Victim #3 was in the car and the Dead Body was taken to the hospital. I don't want to cross reference who all these people are. Just write their names in the report! I mean, we're all given names so that we can tell each other apart, so we might as well be using them.