Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tax Time

I usually owe money around tax time. It makes me angry, simply because I know they've been stealing my money all year long and it feels like a kick in the proverbial nuts to have to give away even more money... especially if I know that other people are getting a refund. Granted, it's never been a large amount of money, but it was substantial enough to be annoying. Last year I owed the federal government $339, and the state gave me back $177. So, I was really only paying a little over 150 bucks, but that is enough money to be worth complaining about.

That was last year. Last year when I didn't own a home. Last year when taking the standard deduction was the best I could do.

This year I got to itemize my deductions. I have tons of student loans! I've paid what feels like only interest on my house! So this year, I'm getting a refund. A refund I'm sure that I wouldn't get if I was still renting.

I'm going to pay off my credit card with my refund.

And I'm really excited about it.

How lame!

I suppose home ownership has its perks. Maybe if I have any money left over, I will reward my house by buying it curtains.

I can't believe I did them already. They aren't even due until April. God, I sound so grown up and junk. Gross.


End Blog.

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