Sunday, October 23, 2005

I Spy

From my vantage point in front of the computer, I spy, with my little eyes something that ...

[1] Is red: *looks around for quite some time until…* The red key fob on my spare key to the Escape. *realizes I overlooked a Dr Pepper can and red pen sitting right under my nose*

[2] Is shiny: A small blue mirror on my desk reflecting light from the window. Ooo, shiny.

[3] Is ugly: The mess that is my desk. Especially the junk sitting in the plastic bin in front of me. And also the frame on that Madonna poster. It’s coming apart. I should fix that. Oh, and my LVC diploma frame that is still sitting with nothing in it.

[4] Is made of wood: My desk! Easy peasy.

[5] Is sharp: My pocket knife. That really shouldn’t be sitting open, now should it? I could cut myself and bleed out and… ooo, that’d be something red.

[6] Is blue: A matchbook from Continental, a pool lounge in Rosslyn. Not like lounge by the pool with a drink, more like a lounge that has drinks and a pool...table.

[7] Should be in the garbage: The empty Dr Pepper can and cottage cheese container. I have stuff that should be in the dishwasher, too. And the medicine cabinet. But I’m not telling you about them.

[8] Makes you smile: The picture of Savvy as a little baby puppy, taken before we could bring her home. Wanna know what makes me sad? LVC didn’t send me a new calendar this year. *looks at calendar stuck on August* So sad.

[9] Doesn’t belong: Other than the garbage? My toothbrush. How’d that get in here?

[10] You doubt anyone else will have from their little vantage point: A ticket to Madonna’s Drown World Tour and one to the Re-Invention Tour. Or a tennis ball with a smiley face drawn on it. His name is Dunlop. Ooooor... BOTH!

End Blog.

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